п»їJohn is a 73 year old gentleman with Alzheimer's, he lives alone but he has two kids and one particular daughter who also regularly sessions him. He's getting progressively worse as time passes at the beginning he'd make simple mistakes including forget wherever his important factors for the auto is or perhaps forget that he was making himself a cup of tea. John's mood has not been consistent, he began to receive mood swings leading to strain about relationships with buddies or loved ones members. As a result of confusion he was starting to have got, because of forgetfulness, he started to isolate himself from relatives and buddies becoming withdrawn and socially awkward when he wasn't using social skills. He began to feel angry and discouraged as he was struggling to undertake a simple conversation because his vocabulary was decreasing and the right terms where certainly not coming to head when aiming to communicate with others. He now has a difficult relationship with his two sons and daughter mainly because when they come round he can no longer understand their faces. As Steve no longer remembers family members in present period, many family do not wish to visit him giving him limited social contact. David has become extremely un-hygienic great house is extremely unclean as he has overlooked how to perform simple responsibilities such as rinse himself and brush the teeth or clean. This means David is more vulnerable to disease and infection. He gets incredibly confused about his surrounding and cannot bear in mind his home address or what the current year is usually. John gets lost regularly when visiting the shop and it has been suggested he matches a carer so he can find his way home again. When John's children come round he will not remember them but sometimes he gets sudden conclusion of who they actually are and makes eye-to-eye contact. John can become very aggressive when in a confused state and become violent. His mobility is little by little getting most detrimental he needs the support of a jogging stick he can very clumsy and slow and is for high risk of falling. David needs to be helped when getting provided because...


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