The first impression of the relationship between father and son seems superficial. The son is usually answering within a strange way, when the daddy asks him, if he should read a story for him. The son will not sound cheerful about his kindly obtain. " Would you like me to learn to you? ” " Perfectly. If you want to” This quote shows all of us that the child gives us the impression of not carrying about the dad's worries. It would appear that the father and son don't have a good marriage, in other words, the daddy thinks his son is trying to take a distance toward him. But in fact, is usually he just preparing to proceed through his disease, and will not really focus on the story the father read for him. The kid loves his father so much, that this individual doesn't need to bother the father along with his problems. Because of that, he appears a bit sloppy. 2 .

The son is definitely acting dismissive to his father, in a polite method. He thinks that the daddy knows what he is under-going, which explains to a lot regarding the child as a person, when he offers this self-control, which makes him behave thus grown up. " No, I am talking about you don't have to stay if it's likely to bother you” The son is very heroic, and has a self-control crafted from steel. We see that when this individual chooses to never show his emotions to the father, whom again illustrates his heroic attitude to, what this individual believes is a fact, loss of life. So instead of telling him how this individual feels, this individual suggests that the daddy should keep if it bothers him to look at his kid die. It shows a heroic man, but not the neatest, because he does not tell what his fear is. several.

In this quote has the son found out, that he was incorrect about his condition. After is then he dealing with the aftermaths from the experience, and slowly turning into normal again. " Nevertheless his look at the feet of his bed calm slowly. The hold above himself peaceful too, finally, and the next day it was incredibly slack, and he cried very easily for little issues that were of no importance” This estimate shows the lightening result of...


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