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Do you think that " Cool Running's” is a good example of the idea of the American Fantasy? Give reasons for your solution!

The film " Cool Running's” may be regarded as a great example of the concept of the American Dream in many ways. When a group of Jamaican athletes founds a bobsled crew, on an area, offering neither snow nor any sleds they may practice upon, a former bobsled coach locates himself willing to train they, in order to succeed the Winter Olympics. Regarding their commitment to obtain their desired goals, they have difficulties through every thing standing in their very own way, such as not being supported by their own families, and even being bullied and teased by the challenger teams, as well as the media. The first desperately looking group becomes a well-trained bobsled crew, showing off their very own skills and after this even contending in the Winter Olympics. Their goal to get the Olympics only becomes of second importance, when ever their instructor reveals his past mentioning the scandal he is accountable for, by cheating during the past Olympics, followed by him saying: " If you're too little without a honor, you'll never be adequate with one particular. ” Throughout the final day's race one of the sled's cutting blades falls away, flipping the sled upon its aspect, when just one or two meters are separating they from the completing line. Yet , they lift up the sled proudly and walk throughout the finishing collection, while the audience around them is applauding happily. It seems like culture almost forgot the meaning of the American Fantasy, by placing prosperity on a level with happiness. Various people neglect how some can even find happiness with out wealth or perhaps economic accomplishment, but in all their personal satisfaction, which in this case was to be a part of the Winter Olympics and stand for their nation.


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