Anders Behring Breivik

Anders Behring Breivik, born in Oslo, Norway on Feb 13th, 1979, came from a broken house. His dad, Jens Breivik, worked as a diplomat pertaining to the Regal Norwegian Charge, and his mother, Wenche Behrin, worked as a nurse. The Breivik relatives lived in London together right up until his father and mother divorced in 1980. Anders was just year old at the time. Anders resided with his mother and half-sister on the western world side of Oslo and often went to visit his dad and his new stepmother in France. Jens and Wenche went through a great ordeal of custody battles where he great new better half fought to take him by his mother to raise him in Paris. They were never successful, and Anders grew up almost completely by his mom.

He had in the past his mom, who remarried a Norwegian Army Officer when Anders was 12, in an rich area for the West End of Oslo. In younger high school he was seen as a standard boy. An ex classmate has described, " He was an alert but unremarkable boy at school. He was somebody who have went combined with the others. This individual wasn't a great outsider and he failed to appear to have got problems”. Others have mentioned that having been a good student and often attempted sticking on with those who had been bullied. When justin was 15 he choose to be verified into the Lutheran Church of Norway. Surrounding this age using the becoming more rebellious. Him and a group of friends began partaking in graffiti, also find out as " tagging”, about the city of Oslo. In 95 at age sixteen, he was caught tagging and when his dad found out this individual ended all contact with him. In his later on teens he gained desire for weight training and started employing anabolic steroids. He was rather insecure about his appearance and according for some of his friends, in his earlier 20's he had cosmetic surgery done in the chin, nose area, and forehead, although this kind of claim is actually not validated but. At age 20 he joined up with Norway's most significant far-right group, Fremskrittspartiet (The Progressive Party), which he became chief...

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