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in this article I will be discussing the tactics ‘booby traps' and ‘Underground tunnels' used by the Vietcong up against the US and why we were holding so powerful despite the fact that the united states were very secure in open warfare, and also having a big advantage in technology just like more sophisticated weaponry, aircraft and equipment. This was mainly because the Vietcong employed guerrilla techniques, which were new to the People in the usa at the time therefore they had a benefit, as they realized the tropics of Southern Vietnam, and being extremely resourceful and used to the climate, which caught the Americans away. Some of the mama traps had been called bouncing Betties, souterrain, punji stakes, pits, trip wires, deep man blocks, bamboo whips.

Stage one

Precisely why the mama traps had been effective was the psychological influence it had for the US soldiers. It was demotivating for other troops to look at their friends be broken to bits with no opponent in sight. This made america troops frightened and worried for their lives. (1) Mama traps designed US and ARVN soldiers had to move slowly and carefully, that they can were often frightened and it was mentally damaging and demoralising to get soldiers to view friends broken apart without enemy in sight. US troops began to get into depression due to these dreadful booby barriers which lead them to take medications to ease their anxiety. Yet , the medicines left all of them delirious and distracted. The drugs produced them less aware of what they were performing and induced them to fall under or bring about the mama traps put by the Vietcong leaving all of them dead or without limbs. This became a endless circle for US troops. Due to these morsure US and ARVN troops began employing local Southern region Vietnamese villagers as tutorials through the jungle pointing out booby traps...


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