Be Data Well written – Really know what to Know

by simply Peter Farreneheit. Drucker

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Business owners have become computer system literate. The younger ones, especially, know more about the fact that computer performs than they know about the mechanics of the automobile or maybe the telephone. However, not many management are information-literate. They know how to get info. But most still have to understand how to use info.            Couple of executives however know how to question: What data do I need to perform my task? When do I would like it? About what form? And from to whom should I receive it? Fewer still request: what fresh tasks am i able to tackle now that I obtain all these info? Which tasks should I do differently? Practically no one demands: What information do I are obligated to pay? To whom? The moment? In what type?            A " database, ” no matter how copious, is definitely not info. It is information's ore. For raw material to become information, it must be organized for a process, directed toward specific performance, used on a decision. Organic material cannot do that on its own. Nor may information specialists. They can encourage their customers, your data users. They can advise, demonstrate, teach. However they can you can forget manage info for users than a personnel department will take over the administration of the individuals that work with a great executive.

The First Challenge

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Information experts are toolmakers. The data users, whether executive or specialist, have to make a decision what information to use, what to use it to get and how to utilize it. They have to produce themselves data literate. This is the first challenge facing info users now that executives have become computer-literate. В В В В В В В В В В В But the organization also has to be information-literate. In addition, it needs to learn to ask: What information do we need through this company? When do we need this? In what type? And where do we get it? So far, this sort of questions are being asked primarily by military, and even there in hopes of tactical, daily decision. In operation such question have been...


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