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Sept 29th 2013


It had been a cold breezy night in New Years Eve. Many people can be with their close friends celebrating 2012. Perhaps sampling pretty portions of lavish wine, anxious because they anticipate to get the clock hitting midnight. As much as I wanted to be in his campany friends that night, I really just wanted to fast forward to the long anticipated morning in front of me. Going to my brother in prison in the Texarkana, Illinois Regional Static correction Center.

The old rusty doors from the prison awaited my family and I, slamming at the rear of us even as entered. We nervously strolled up the screechy stairs for the family visitation center. We felt a roller coaster of emotions. I was eager to check in with my brother, after spending that recently without him. Suddenly, I used to be filled with despair of the thought that we would rapidly leave this kind of darkened place. Returning to reality, while all of us slowly checking down the days until having been free. Annoying prison protects checked us in. That they informed us of the strict rules we had to follow during visitation. After signing in, we had to walk throughout the small , filled room packed with other households visiting. The space was about the dimensions of an average classroom, dirty light walls, some vending machines, and camera's covering the room. There was a dull tiny corner with the room selected for children to learn. Prison is the last place anyone should be, but irrespective of its natural environment it out loud me to invest time with my brother.

There were many sounds inside the visitation space, sounds I won't ever forget. The room was full of commotion from the chat between families and friends, and the moaping of the morose children. When we implemented the officers to our assigned chairs, we're able to hear the whisper among the creepy inmates as we approved by them. There was a constant chatter between correctional representatives. Walking forward and backward monitoring the space, every move they make you are able to hear all their keys jingle. We...


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