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Re: Current accounting problems, employment rewards and loans options. Thank you for the opportunity to treat the current accounting issues, career benefits and financing choices facing Carroway Clothing Limited (CCL)

1 . SR& ED and Development costs treatment:

In reviewing the financial statements it appears that the expansion costs and SR& ED treatment may not have been registered appropriately. The SR& ED are taxes credits to become used towards taxable income and should not have been registered as federal government grants. As CCL may not have needed them in the initial years, it can employ SR& ED tax credits against taxable income in the foreseeable future. It is necessary to recognize all SR$ERD activities for proper saving practices so the credits produced by the SR& ED works extremely well against future income.

The $975, 000 development costs can be expensed or perhaps capitalized depending on if the subsequent criteria are met The project is definitely technically possible

CCL intends of full the task

CCL has the ability to use or sell the merchandise

There is probability of future economic advantage will be made Availability of enough technical and financial appel

CCL is able to measure dependably the expenditures attribute to it.

Since the Walton Work Have on line with the production stage, its gathered development costs should be made a fortune. The Carroway Cool Best has not began it industrial production which would allow the development costs never to be amortized yet. Also interest costs on financial loans to generate auto financing for the R& D activates of any product could be capitalized rather than expensed. The capitalization of interest would allow CCL to reduce taxable income in the foreseeable future when it is more profitable.

I would recommend that CCL make the over changes instantly so that the financail statements are not incorrect. These kinds of changes might help CCL reduce the...


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