п»їDiscussion Inquiries: Part 1

1 . The social identity issues presented in this case is that Catherine is used to the large standards, even more professional perceptions. She was categorized inside the more fitting environment to her own character. She is one of the highly regarded organization. When the girl transferred to the other organization due to her family, the girl had a difficult experience trying to fit in to the new small company. She had a different knowledge from the LJI Company. The girl was not comfortable in the new company. Your woman still continues to gown formally nevertheless her new – coworkers consider her overdressed. With the changes this lady has experienced, the girl still has managed familiar part of her earlier but it is usually not required in her new position. The girl still attends meetings and makes a point to update her knowledge.

2 . Catherine was immediately impressed, she seen well, the lady appreciated the quiet, centered work atmosphere, she like how everyone was dressed: many of them wore matches, and their traditional apparel supported the specialist attitudes, persons spoke formally but friendly manner and seemed keen. Her evaluation foster her social identification by being a specialist minded their self. She feels that she would do very well because company for doing it suits her likes and she was very much like them. She loved how the people acts and she believes she actually fits in that kind of environment.

3. Cultural Identity Theory because it produced her understand herself to by which the girl belongs. The lady felt becoming more like himself if she is in the environment which meets her even more. Discussion Questions: Part two

1 . LJI is a huge company and even more formal, silent, focused work atmosphere, everyone was dressed: most wore suits, and their conservative apparel backed the professional attitudes, persons spoke officially but friendly manner and seemed enthusiastic while Fenway is a small company, managers seem to use many hats. I think Fenway has a little dirty environment due to the junk materials and sometimes...


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