п»їCommunity Teaching Work Plan Pitch

Directions: Develop a great educational series proposal for your community making use of the following 4 topics: 1) Bioterrorism/Disaster

2) Environmental Issues

3) Major Prevention/Health Promotion

4) Secondary Prevention/Screenings for a Susceptible Population Planning Before Teaching:

Name and Credentials of Teacher:

Estimated Time Teaching Can last: Time Allocated: 30 minutes Position of Teaching: St George's

Supplies, Materials, Equipment Needed: Projector, Computer system, Screen, Powerpoint Presentation Predicted Cost: For this particular presentation, materials just like projector, screen, and required wiring had been provided by chapel Computer – already in personal possession

Expense: $0

Community and Target Mixture:

Racial/ethnic group that falls in the class of Oriental Americans/Pacific Islanders who are at highest likelihood of Type II Diabetes Focusing on individuals who are over the age of 45, happen to be obese or overweight, may exercise a whole lot, have low HDL lipid disorders or substantial triglycerides, have high blood pressure Population/target audience for ethnic chapel: approximately two hundred families of Southern region Indian descent, with 60% of the ~100 adults staying over the age of 45 Most of these adults are employed in full time jobs, have little exercise beyond job-related exercise due to way of life Topic:

Primary Prevention/Health Promo: With a concentrate on type 2 diabetes

Epidemiological Rationale for Theme (statistics linked to topic): Innate factors (" Asian Of india phenotype”)

Unique scientific biochemical malocclusions in Indians

Increased insulin resistance

Greater abdominal adiposity

Higher waist circumference in spite of lower body system mass index

Lower adiponectin

Higher excessive sensitive C-reactive protein amounts

This phenotype makes Asian Indians more prone to diabetes and unwanted coronary artery disease The main diver from the epidemic of diabetes is a epidemiological change associated with changes in Dietary patterns

Diet from the typical South Indian 40+ year old:

Decreased physical activity in the inhabitants

The two are evident in the larger prevalence of diabetes inside the urban human population Even though microvascular complications (diabetic retinopathy, or perhaps eye disease, and nephropathy) are reduced Indians (comparatively), the appearance of premature coronary artery disease is significantly higher in Indians compared to other ethnic groups

Nursing Diagnosis:

Right now there needs to be early on identification of at-risk individuals Can use straightforward screening equipment (population specific: Indian Diabetes Risk Score (IDRS)) Appropriate lifestyle input would prevent and delay onset of diabetes in at-risk populations Ownership of healthier dietary regimens

Increased exercising

Openness for Learning: Identify the factors that might indicate the readiness to find out for the target aggregate. Consist of emotional and experiential preparedness to learn. Goal aggregate are typical educated individuals holding a lot of the time jobs Many of the individuals possess jobs in the healthcare field, with a many doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical health professionals of numerous types Educational levels of the folks are often above the bachelor's level point, a large number of have done higher and training Emotional awareness that there is a big change to be undertaken in life-style, societal understanding of the need for even more physical exercise within an age of becoming sedentary a sizable portion of the time

Learning Theory to Be Utilized: Make clear how the theory will be applied.

Cognitive – Information pickup theory comes from the environmental stimuli, here delivered by using a visual PowerPoint and the auditory aide of my display Pertains to the visual facets of the display

Data processing theory states that 5-9 chunks of information could be retained short term, where every single slide within a PowerPoint business presentation presents info in comestible parts Emotional –


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