Each day, 47 million smokers in america are doing significant damage to all their bodies along with creating a dangerous environment to get the blameless people encircling them. The usage of tobacco goods is extremely harmful and most users are not aware of the effect on their local environment. " Secondhand smoke is a known human carcinogen and contains a lot more than 50 chemical substances that can trigger cancer” (US Department of Health and Human being Services, 2007). This issue has changed into a concern in college campuses where pupils congregate looking at buildings and other densely populated areas. At West Virginia University, a proposal to bar smoking in campuses have been made. Just like any new ban, it will have some controversy, however , smoking cigarettes bans have grown to be more and more well-known in the the past few years. West Virginia University and also other Universities have got a right to ban smoking because they must protect the rights of their non-smoking student's health (Fortin, 2007). As of 2011, above 500 school campuses country wide have removed smokers, setting up a better and healthier environment and even lowering the number of smokers (Steinberg, 2011). " As a smoking ban was implanted about campus at Michigan Point out University, more students sought assistance in quitting (USA Today, 2011). If people wish to carry out harm to all their bodies by utilizing such a destructive element, they should be forced to do so in an area faraway from others who have do not want to inhale these chemical toxins. " Thorough smoking bans can decrease secondhand smoke cigars exposure amongst non-smokers ” (Centers to get Disease Control and Reduction, 2007). By simply banning smoking cigarettes on WVU campuses, students will be inhaling and exhaling cleaner, more fresh air and may not have to worry about what may be poisoning their particular air. Cigarette smoking does severe harm to a person's body and later gets worse over time. " Smoking causes harm to nearly every organ of the physique and diminishes a person's total health” (National Cancer Company, 2012). The damages happen to be...

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