Mix Cultural Conversation

Deanndra Johnson


September 20th, 2013

Phyllis W. Phillips

There are 6 principals in cross-cultural communication. The initially principal declares that the greater the cultural difference more suitable the chance is for the conversation ti tenderize. The second primary says that whenever communication complete breakdowns occur during cross-cultural incurs, the complete breakdowns are most often attributed to cultural variations. The third principal states that communicating throughout cultures often leads people to be more conscious about their own communication. The fourth one declares that civilizations vary according to number and sort of " do's and taboos” which have been required of its associates. The sixth one states that a person should remember that learning precisely what is normal in the culture the are communicating with helps you recognize that group. The final principal claims that as long as you see others as friendly and supportive barriers is going to easily always be broken down (Cheesebro, O'Connor, & Rios, Chapter Chapter 3, Social Diversity,  2010).

I chose to write about Hispanics. There healthcare experience is similar to Black, which is my race. 1st there is the language barrier. They speak another language and it can sometimes be hard to explain things once there is not a translator present. Things fail to find a way out in translation. Another concern is that they you do not have healthcare. They will don't have insurance so they don't go to a doctor and in turn they have illness (Bzostek, Goldman, & Pebley, 2007).

With regards to communications, there are many barriers. Suppliers communicate differently when it comes to Hispanics. Studies have demostrated that when suppliers deal with the Spanish speaking patients that they ask fewer open ended question and probes for patient understanding because of the terminology barrier (Mayo, Windsor, Sundarwaran & Staff 2007). A seconds examine states that after providers...

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