" This place getting South Africa' lends a fresh context to events. ” Disgrace is a novel which includes aroused much discussion. A few say it is just a novel pictured as a awful post-apartheid, it represents the modern and outdated South Africa creating a negative view as area of rape. David Lurie is the protagonist of the new, which this individual represents this South Africa and Lucy his daughter, who is a very confident and modern young ladies is which represents the new S. africa. Disgrace is actually a main motif and is repeated in various ways throughout this novel. (84)

David Lurie " old 52, single and offers solved the challenge of sex really well. ” He is a traditional man, who may be very hurtful and judgemental towards others, he represents the old S. africa during the separation era. Lurie is never happy nor cheerful for what he has; he always desires something the better. Throughout the novel Lurie was bitten by 3 men, who also also raped his daughter, Lucy. This individual wants justice to be offered on so what happened, especially when he couldn't did anything to help his susceptible daughter throughout the attack. " A flurry of anger runs through him, sufficiently strong to take him by surprise... You are to whip yourself to a rage, this individual admonishes him self: Stop it! Yet at this moment he would want to take Petrus by the throat. ” (14. 45) This quote implies that Lurie considers someone must be paying the selling price and recognize the consequences with their actions, when he had to find out in the beginning of the novel. Following the rape incident, Lucy found out she was pregnant and decided to keep the baby. Lurie of has not been happy about this decision because she was going to have child of a diverse race, which in turn represents the apartheid time and how everybody was categorized within their specific contest groups. (162)

Lucy is a honest person, who treats everyone equally; she sees the good in every single situation. Lucy represents the newest South Africa. " She would rather hide her face, and he is aware why. As a result of disgrace. Because of the shame. That may be...


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