Directions: The following questions will be regarding the subject of Equivalent Employment Prospect. Use the states EEO website(s) in the resources section, conduct study to answer every single question. � Please work with complete sentences; checking sentence structure, punctuation and spelling. (Minimum Word depend: 100) one particular: What is Equivalent Employment Option (EEO)?

a couple of: What is illegal discrimination?

several: Identify 5 types of unlawful splendour and give a certain workplace example for each. 1 ) EEO: all employees needs to have equal opportunities in their places of work. • Not any unlawful discrimination and nuisance

• providing courses to assist people of EEO groups to overcome past or present disadvantage • Employers have got responsibilities which in turn employees ought to know the anti-discrimination laws and follow these laws • Employees really should have equal work opportunities by applying particular equal opportunity managing programs and plans designed.

2 . People may be treated unfairly due to race, color, national or ethnic origin; sex, pregnancy or relationship; age; incapacity; religion; sex preference; operate union activity; or some other characteristic particular under anti-discrimination or human rights guidelines.

3. Four types of unlawful elegance:

• Age group discrimination

• Disability splendour

• Contest discrimination

• Sex splendour


• Air travel virgin blue claimed that the women in whose ages had been between thirty eight and 56 should sing and move. The company wants young girls to old types, so the applications of older ladies were declined.

• Alexander is deaf person. She actually is not invited because of her hearing loss. Company believes her hearing loss might be an impediment to function.

• Sixteen Primitive women and their children had a travel and leisure in Alice Springs, these were asked to leave when they were looking at in on the Haven hostel, because of the coloring of their skin. These women and children lump against unjust treatment.



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