Judas, Julius Caesar and Julia Gillard are characters in different age range of contemporary society relating to lies and be jealous of. This postures the question, provides society altered? Has contemporary society always been therefore deceptive and envious? Provides society been willing to tear down others to get what they wish? Shakespeare's play " Othello” and Harry Blake Nelson's appropriation " O”, explore how the principles of culture have been reshaped throughout period.

Societal values are reflected in Take action 4 Field 1 of Othello.

The soliloquy of Iago after speaking with Othello can be used to present the theme of deception. ‘Work on my medicine, job! Thus credulous fools will be caught; ' This dramatic irony produces a contrast between the deceptive and honest Iago. Later when Othello fulfills Desdemona, Othello's characterization makes the effect of juxtaposition when he strikes her. The actions emphasizes his jealousy and creates the of his animalistic stereotype given by culture, as opposed to his high-class status.

This scene reveals a parallel to The Willows scene in O.

The violation of Desi by Odin because of Hugo's deception creates the of Odin's black stereotype and foreshadows how his emotions will need control of his actions. As Odin researches the reflect while he is with Desi, the superimposition of Robert as well as the standpoint shot and flashback of Mike and Desi together accentuates his jealousy.

In Othello's context, culture valued honour and commitment but in O's context, especially as it deals with teenagers, popularity is everything making jealousy and envy far more dominant. The Elizabethan perception of women becoming inferior and being the possession of guys is proven through Othello's dominance. In the same way, Odin's dominance is used to demonstrate the fundamental inequality among men and women inside our society.

Othello's previous words in Act your five scene a couple of encapsulate many themes. In the speech, a metaphor is utilized to describe his remorse. ‘Like the base Indian, threw a pearl apart Richer...


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