Principles of democratic capitalism and assure of equivalent opportunity for 's " most men are created equal, "

His election ‘the revolution of 1800'

The 2 major achievements of Jefferson's presidency had been the Louisiana Purchase as well as the abolition with the slave trade, " relating to vem som st?r John Chester Miller.

For now Jefferson had to go above rhetoric; he previously to copy ideals into action by simply turning his social and political beliefs into a concrete set of procedures. For Thomas Jefferson, with an administrative and diplomatic record that was to this time not particularly impressive, the presidency could test how effectively the philosopher could function as a presidential candidate.

New American Nation

18005, 300, 500

1800Land western of Appalachian mountains selling to farmers

1800-20 Trans-Appalachian put 300, 1000 пѓ a couple of million

1840Over forty percent Americans live west of Appalachians in 8 fresh states

Anti-slavery blossoming – free blacks up

Industrial agriculture on with farmers espesh South

-Selling crops and livestock

-European demand for cotton

Economic Growth

•Free enterprise – dramatic business growth

•Population working in venture up

•Technological improvements – steam electricity

•States better connected

Experimental and entrepreneurial frame of mind grew


Deliberate simplicity for inauguration (first in Washington) – arranged style of government ‘Wise and frugal government'


Political beliefs

Jeffersonian democracy – agrarianism and strict limitations to nat gov. Admin of Express: James Madison (R)

Sec. of the Treasury: Albert Gallatin (R)

Only replaced top level cabinet representatives and noteworthy motivated Adams' midnight appts. believed average Feds could become Dem-Rep Continuation of Federalist policies

Continued Hamiltonian programs: National Bank/Tarrifs

Eliminate the nationwide debt

•Cut gov. price range – minimize military spending...


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