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The main figure who is also the Narrator, tells just how he is tired of being manipulated by each of our society. He works as a remember campaign manager, lives in a condo, and usually spends his cash on household furniture from " IKEA”, and everything appears to be perfect in his life. Although he does not have point in his life, his life is working at a career he hates and buying points that this individual does not need. Without having point in his life, presently there no level of living for him. " Every takeoff and landing, if the plane banked too much to 1 side My spouse and i prayed for any crash” (pg. 25). To assist himself, this individual created a new character, mythical friend, and with his help, they make an effort to change the approach people are cured in our their particular, by destroying it. " I'm breaking my add-on to physical power and possessions, since through wrecking myself am i able to discover the higher power of my personal spirit. " Palahniuk's new shows that to be able to create a great identity also to show that individuals are not only a number within our society, persons must fight what it explains to or wishes them to end up being, which can receive an individual in emotional express and lead to internal issue. In our society, people struggle against sociable class division. As Tyler and the Narrator try to change the modern society, they will try to break the buffer between the rich people plus the lower course people. They hated all of them, their primary target had been the rich people. For instance , in a wealthy restaurant, wherever they performed, they would ruin food intended for the consumers. " Last week, Tyler says, he farted on a entire cart of Baccone Pasticcino for the Junior League tea” (pg. 80) The reason why they did that, is that they regarded them the main reason lower category people started to be slaves of the modern society. They will took advantage of them. " They'll send something returning to the kitchen without a reason at all. They just want to see you run about for their money. A dinner like this, these banquet celebrations, they know the dimensions of the tip has already been included in the costs so they will treat you want dirt” (pg....


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