Flu Vaccine-2004-2005 Vaccine Lack

I. Guide

Americans possess faced flu vaccine shortage on multiple occasions. The demand for the vaccine outstripped supply when problems having a new pressure and basic safety and top quality control issues delayed the vaccine delivery. In 2004-2005, two corporations produced each of the flu vaccine for america. Aventis and Chiron wished to provide 90 million dosages for the 2004-2005 flu seasons, although liked recently Americans have faced influenza vaccine disadvantages on multiple occasions. By simply august twenty six, 2004, Director Bush Operations announced and guarantied readily available flu vaccine. In august twenty seven, 2014, one of many suppliers, Chiron announced contamination of 38 million doasage amounts of flu vaccine (nearly half the U. S i9000. supply). On October 2004, Chiron's certificate was hanging and the flower is sealed. The U. S. government had no clue that the toxic contamination was a major problem at the supply plant. The government's activities were to investigate, set concern on high-risk area, started to search for added vaccines source, and imported costly influenza shots. II. Issues

a. Vaccine Production

Plants take the time to set up

Is definitely time consuming

High long-term creation cost

n. Public Administration System

High FDA requirements

Poor interaction

c. Flu Vaccine Crisis

Media madness

Public health risk

Vaccine smuggling and robbery

Movement to Canada to get flu vaccine shots

Additional costs

III. Authorities crisis response

•CDC recommended that vaccines be reserved for high risk sufferers •A flu virus vaccine process force was established to help control the syndication and cost control •Delayed supplies allow to surplus unutilized stock of vaccines IV. Alternatives

1 . Close cooperation to countries

2 . Review FDA approval/quality assurance types of procedures to ensure schedule without reducing...


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