"[Our name]'s priority is always to provide & maintain a powerful commitment to healthy top quality food, exceptional customer service, and a relaxing mood. At [our name], we make an effort to provide Canada with a first-rate dining encounter. We believe friends who eat at [our name] ought to leave enthused and sated, while producing immediate ideas to return. ” " We are passionate about foodstuff! We prepare the finest slashes of chicken, obtain the finest local generate, and we possess impeccable assistance with a happy environment. With award winning culinary arts artists, there is nowhere more you would somewhat be. ” [Our name] has the ambition to become the fastest developing restaurant sequence in Canada. We all encourage strong work values, innovation and reward staff for goals accomplished. With continued support and advancement for each of our employees, we all mold [our name] as an attractive ambiance for gifted and one of a kind individuals. " Whether you are buying career or a part time job, [our name] is the place for you. All of us recognize work through rewards and offers for staff. We are the strong supporter for the area culinary university; we offer to truly and scholarships with a long lasting -commitment of support intended for our current and upcoming generations because they make their way in to the culinary universe. ”



* Our goal is always to expand from your current spots in Calgary and Edmonton Alberta, and open three new restaurants in Britich columbia. The new restaurants will be located in Vancouver, Whistler and Exito. Our goal is to have the three fresh establishments within two years, with time to benefit from the 2010 Winter season Olympics. [Our name] goal is to have one restaurant completely functional after almost 8 months of construction and training. Every single new institution will follow consecutively to maintain the firm timeline set forth by simply our organization. Quality products & fair charges

5. [our name] will ensure that the three fresh locations present quality goods at good pricing. To accomplish this, we is going to purchase community organic meat products and seasonal fruits and vegetables from the local community. Maintaining this standard of food top quality will ensure our commitment to healthy food choice14931 and above standard fare. Using regional produce to get our materials will cut down on transportation costs. This project will be reflected in our rates and at the same support local business and increase the visibility inside the communities. Quality Service

* Just like [our name]is actually current spots, quality services will be accomplished and taken care of. To attain this kind of goal, we all will purchase employee expansion through internal as well as external trainings. This will enhance staff knowledge and expertise which is reflected in how they conduct their duties. A good advantage package and incentive plan will be provided and is designed to keep staff satisfaction substantial, and translate into superior quality support. Another important part of providing top quality service should be to perform frequent internal audits and employee evaluations. The evaluations may help employees develop and audits will ensure the fact that restaurant operates above industry and organization standards.


Our total strategy depends on a Customer Service Strategy and providing consumers with a unique product and unique experience. " It will require giving clients what they want, communicating effectively with them, and providing workers with customer care training. ” (Robbins, Coulter, & Langton, 2009). When developing and implementing these strategies via all levels, managers will certainly base most strategies and decisions made on this strategy. Corporate Strategy – Progress & Attentiveness – Leading Level Managing At [our name], our company strategy for growth will be expansion through concentration. We would like to improve our market share by raising the number of market segments served by Alberta to British Columbia. From our two powerful restaurants situated in...

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