Reflections from My Past:

Actually, I actually made this short essay during our memory space last term. Our facilitator at that time, produced us enjoy a short video about a father and his child. It was basically a very touching story. After, he advised us to reflect after it and made a short article which explains or narrates something about our past encounters. Thus, I possess created this short composition. So , please enjoy studying it... (scan.., scan…, scan…, ) ?nternet site scan the wonderful recollections I had during the past, I already started to cry: '(. Tears were previously falling via my eyes. I can't help it. They only remind me of the fantastic, happy and sad moments I once experienced. Superb memories are unforgettable and surely anything to be treasured. To be honest with you, most of my own wonderful thoughts came from my childhood days. Through the memories my loving relatives had distributed to, but now We seemed to neglect. I when remember after i was only a child, mother and father and I used to go to the cathedral as a finish family. I'm the only child of my parents that's why all their full interest was given in my opinion. Yes! I recall it today! We were a cheerful family in the past. Reconciling with God and sharing our love for one another. I usually love going to church with them each Sunday I used to be really full of joy. A great innocent child with simple pleasures and happiness is obviously. Yes! That was once myself but now ?nternet site try to reflect myself prior to and now. I just started to realize that I've already changed. My personal simple satisfaction of going to church with my family went. I was not anymore that innocent child. Nevertheless because of this recollection I did start to regain my own memory about this event and after this I wanted to get back the old times the times, in which I was previously satisfied and happy simply being with them in the church. Maybe, it can not bad to change but for several reasons returning something about days gone by is certainly not also negative. For me, this can be a way to reflect myself as a person, as a daughter, and as an innocent child who...


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