Globalisation could finish small-scale industries in india


The world can be changing. The change can be fast enough to notice the factors behaving behind. Globalization is one of them. A factor that requires no intro. Ever since, created countries just like USA and European countries include marched to conquer the rest of the world, developing countries have no comfort but to succumb to what these kinds of developed nations around the world call for. Times have gone the moment these produced nations ruled by the idea of colonialism. At this point, countries, whether small or big have one thing in common ie; they do not want to be under the oppression of any other great nation. The recent turmoils in Central East countries like Egypt, Libya and Yemen are the forefront cases of non-conforming the dictatorship and suppression. Consequently , it is not apt to believe that dictating by ‘stick' is no even more in vogue and that a different way or style needed to be adopted by the countries dreaming to rule the weaker kinds, once again.


In the present era, people around the globe are very well informed and updated with all the developments happening across the world. Consequently , they cannot be taken for a drive by these types of developed nations around the world. As a result, these types of developed countries came up with a mesmerizing thought of so-called ‘Globalization' wherein they will demonstrated the rewards coming on the way of developing nations including India. Constantly, advocating economic and social sustainability of developing nations, these western countries have earned the hearts of developing nations at some level. As resistant, these growing countries observed growth and development going on in their very own poor countries. But , the policies and approaches slowly but surely uncovered the ulterior objective of these american countries. One of the severe effects of Globalization upon India has been a solid blow upon Small Scale Companies (SSI).

We all know that Globalization has taken the design of a...


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