What Women Have To Do

In 1984 Sandra Cisneros had written the novella The House on Mango Avenue based on the narrator, Esperanza's, first year living about Mango Streets. A young Latino girl, by the name of Esperanza, keeps growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, il and is identified to ditch her life in Mango Avenue in her past. From this novella Cisneros explores the result of loss in innocence in Mango Road. The jobs of women and how they handle each other is extremely prominent at home on Manga Street. Through Esperanza's 12 months on Manga Street she begins to realize that women have got a responsibility to not injury each other but to help.

As soon as Esperanza arrives in Mango Road she complies with an adolescent woman named Cathy that hurts her from the get-go. When Vanidad meets Cathy the first thing she tells her is that your woman can only become her friend for one working day because " the neighborhood gets bad” (Cisneros 13). Cathy implies that the neighborhood is getting poor because of each of the Latinos. Can make Esperanza feel below par because the girl had just moved in and your woman had carried out nothing to this young woman or her family however they think almost unpleasant living in Mango Street because of Esperanza's " kind”. We can imply that Cathy's is racist since they want to move off of Mango Street as a result of all of the Latinos. Cathy says that she is the " great wonderful grand relation of the princess or queen of France” (12). This means that Cathy thinks that she is greater than everyone, or at least better than Vanidad and her family, in Mango Road. At one point Cathy says that her is going to " fly to France one day and find her great great distant grand cousin on her behalf father's side and receive the family house” (13). Cathy's whole statement about being the " great great grand cousin of the queen of France” is quite ironic provided the fact that France hasn't had a california king since Jessica Antoinette in 1755 (12).

Afterwards in the storia Esperanza realizes that you cannot automatically trust just about every...


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