HSBC: The world's community bank

Written by James Gregory on February 03, 2009.

HSBC's print out ads are often identifiable – a solid reddish border, a repeated photo, and a powerful one-liner that embodies all their brand. HSBC's ad campaign utilizes several strong and powerful tactics to get attention. A majority of the ads involve an individual image, copied three times, which has a different value printed over each duplicate of the image. HSBC's tagline gives the impression HSBC is aware of different people and locations have different values. Advertising themselves as " The world's regional bank, ” HSBC provides the feeling of having the insight in local values, combined with the strength and trustworthiness of a global infrastructure.

In one ad campaign, someone is given 3 different principles for an image, ranging from a wallet, to a car, into a detailed rug. The advertising shows that different people value things differently, and this HSBC appreciates those differences, respecting each location's one of a kind needs and concerns. Regarding an advertisement sporting a classic muscle car, three different values presented are: Freedom. Status Image. Polluter. Truly does HSBC support and convey all those principles, even including the negative associations of polluting of the environment?

HSBC has turned noticeable improvements, which allows defend against these kinds of potential distortions. These three-value ads used to run top to bottom, with a small triangular notch placed in the red border around the advertising. The level resembled a great arrow, an arrow directing at the third image and value within the ad, that has been a negative worth, like polluting of the environment. This allowed consumers to potentially see the ad while HSBC singling out one value in the other two. Now, the ads operate horizontally, with the triangular level pointing right at the HSBC logo and tagline. A much less dangerous and better association. They may have also shuffled the different ideals around in the new lateral ads

This can be a very effective campaign overall. It encourages audiences to think of their particular values affiliated to such...


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