My Personal Management Style

Catherine W. Dillon

Western Governors University

The Leadership Design

A successful leader always does take time to self-reflect and to actively seeks ways to boost their style and skills. My spouse and i used the Seven Practices Profile to gauge my present leadership style so I may understand my personal leadership design and be able to discover my abilities and failings. By doing this, I used to be able to recognize where I had formed opportunities for improvement. Applying SMART desired goals I will established courses of actions for improvement. Seven Patterns Profile

You will discover nine groups within the Seven Habits Account. The profile revealed that We scored very good in several of the types. In the last two categories I obtained good. The greatest ranking within the profile is outstanding. I did not score that high on one of the nine classes. In eight of the types I scored very well this means I am proficient in those areas yet there is space for improvement. The final two categories My spouse and i scored great which means there is a much more room for improvement. I scored high in the category of Think Win-Win. This kind of says which i am not a selfish leader and that I actually take in to consideration the thoughts and goals more and always strive to find a solution that enables both sides to win. Scoring high in the Think Win-Win category informs me that I but a great deal of time and effort in to undertaking what is great for my fans. My most affordable score was in the category of Sharpen the Saw. Reflecting back within the results of the Seven Behaviors Profile My spouse and i find it very enlightening i scored loaded with the Think Win-Win category and reduced the Sharpen the Observed. That informs me that I become too focused on being a leader and disregard my own physical and personal requires. I think it is important to maintain harmony between your professional and personal life but by simply analyzing the results with the Seven Behaviors Profile, it can be evident that I have been ignoring my personal lifestyle. Leadership Talents

My greatest score in the profile is at category 7, seek 1st to understand. That may be very exact to the style of leadership We strive to accomplish. I make an effort to remain unbiased and make an effort to understand the views and thoughts of those around me. In my opinion that my personal style could best end up being characterized like a Transformational innovator. One of the behavioral strengths of the Transformational leader is that they pay attention to the needs of those that they lead (Rudnick, 2007). As a leader and an individual, my term is important in my experience. I have scored a very good in category 1, an emotional bank account. I put a great amount of effort in delivering what I promise to deliver, I make an effort to never think negatively regarding another person and I try to always be kind to anyone that I might encounter during the day. That form of style is extremely reflective of a Transformational leader. I worth my honesty. Integrity may be the foundation that the good head builds his life after and they usually care about the needs of others (Rudnick, 2007). I have scored a very good in category 6th, think win win. I think that may be very representative of who We am like a person and a leader. I enjoy helping other folks succeed and always try to find an answer to a trouble that will make everybody happy. Among the four elements that reflects the Transformational leader can be their individual consideration individuals (Kendrick, 2001). They get pleasure from working with every individual and featuring them with mentoring and opinions. Leadership disadvantages. " It will be fairly easy to lead people where they want to move: the life changing leader need to direct people to where they should be to achieve the vision” (Luzinski, 2011, g. 501). I am qualified at guiding an individual to where they need to be although I need to always develop my personal skills in inspiring my own followers in general to go to exactly where they need to become. A Life changing leader provides the skill of providing moving motivation to those who follow (Kendrick, 2011). A...

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