The law: College student register period tickets will be ranked via early to later based upon the credit hour pupil get.

Survey Questions:

1 . How do you feel if your enroll time solution is really past due, when you finally capable of register and also you find out those classes you want to enroll in were already shut, and it's challenging for you to find out a class typically open and then you’re qualified to sign up in? one particular (I avoid care, it does not matter at all. )

2 (All right, I do think I can keep going back to check, maybe someone will drop that class and then I will enroll in. ) 3 (Even not happy while using result, but I will consider other classes instead. ) 4 (Angry)

installment payments on your If there is a waiting list option for you when the category is closed and you still hope to sign up for, do you think this could be good and practicable? If yes, give your suggestions or viewpoints on how this approach would be better. If no, explain the main reason. (Waiting list option means your name will be on the list, and if someone drop the class, and will also be enrolled in immediately. ) Yes

(Suggestion: )

Not any

(Reason: )

a few. If several student take the ready list, whom do you think must have the priority? Rank all of them in an purchase from the majority of priority to least. a) A elderly who just needs this class to fulfill the graduate necessity b) A none-senior college student who premier in XXX, and this class is his major requirement class c) A upper-class students who also just take this class as an open elective class d) A freshman who wants to make use of this class because the professor can be nice and certainly not that tight to students.


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