п»їMigrant workers apparently result from poor countries and have been residing in tough finances, thus they choose to are maids outdoors their countries hoping they will find a solution for his or her crisis. However , this situation gets more serious and controversial than before, the rate of domestic workers committing committing suicide is raising. what people seek in Lebanon is usually not to support but slaves to serve them, and these service personnel go through diligence and mistreatment. We notice a lot of maids who escape and we read a lot in the press about the crimes fully commited by the maids, but do not ask yourself why all this happening? The solution is linked about how the householder treats her maid, which in the matter of your energy the house maid might commit a suicide and get her revenge. people are dealing with maids while animals, not realizing that they likewise have feelings and lives to have. Maids also provide their legal rights just like any other person; violence or yelling at them can be not the perfect solution this may lead them to escape being that they are not machines that can obtain all your work at the same time. People should wake up and stop dealing with them this kind of a way; they may be still human that needs to be taken care of instead of dealing with them negative. They are right here to help the property holder; their very own wasted rights should be defended as people should be penalized for what they are really doing. Forgin workers originates from a poor background and she would not know a whole lot about the technology as well as how to use electric appliances, and so the householder will need to train and explains on her behalf the guidance how to use these technological devices instead of shouting and conquering her. If the maid starts off working the householder should teach her gently and calmly, the girl could be uninformed, does not learn how to read and write, and never educated enough so she needs time for you to understand what she should do. Trading companies are normally the one who give households with domestic personnel in order to make them with their...


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