How important was Theodore Roosevelt in the progress progressivism inside the years 1900-1920? Progressivism is a political attitude which favors various reforms through govt action towards many things in society. In America Progressivism was a reaction to the rapid industrialisation of the country throughout the overdue 1800's and early 1900's. The desired goals of progressivism were not to reverse all of the changes that occurred in America during the changes to an extremely industrialised society, but to rather embrace them whilst altering the system to create a fairer and more just culture. Examples of this would be ‘trust busting' (breaking up excessively huge corporations) and promoting interpersonal justice and enacting reconstructs to try to achieve it. General progressivism offered a more interventionist and ethical approach to economics and government. Theodore Roosevelt was the image of progressivism during the early 1900's. At first a Conservative and chief executive from 1900-1909, he started to be heavily motivated by modern ideas during his time in office. Pursuing his disillusion with the Conservative party this individual formed his own Modern party. When it comes to how important Roosevelt was in the introduction of progressivism, I think his record is a mixed bag. Roosevelt possessed an incredible charisma, confirmed by his fantastic speeches and toasts, larger than lifestyle personality and manly graphic. An example of this would be when he was shot when ever reciting a speech and wasn't at all shaken, proclaiming he was ‘as strong being a bull moose! ' His charisma and fearless demeanour gave him a great affect over people. This allowed him to bring many defectors from the His party Party to his new get together, strengthening the Progressive trigger. Roosevelt's innovative ideas and beliefs helped the development of progressivism further. Roosevelt believed that although strong corporations were good for America, he felt that the actions of such corporation's should be monitored to make sure that greed would not...


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