New Medicine: Clinical Trials







Tests an fresh drug or treatment in a, small

population group (20-80) for the first time to evaluate its

safety, identify a safe serving range, and identify

side effects

The experimental study medication or treatment is given into a

larger group of people (100-300) to see if it is powerful

and to even more evaluate the safety

The experimental study drug or perhaps treatment is given

to large groups of persons (1, 000-3, 000) to confirm

its success, monitor unwanted side effects, compare it

to widely used treatments, and collect

info that will allow the experimental drug

or treatment to be used safely

Content marketing studies obtain more information

including the drug's risks, rewards, and optimal use

Larger percentage of offshoring

Percentage and Volume of Studies in US and Offshore Places – by simply Phase


• Phase 3 research are more likely to include locations

beyond the US:

– Patient populations required are large

– Investigator grants or loans and individual compensation is known as a

large part of trial expense, making certain just offshore

locations desirable

• Phase 1 research have fairly fewer overseas


– Ethical concerns as this phase can determine

safety in the trial medication

– Focus on healthy volunteers vs . certain patient


• Stage 4 research are significantly including locations/

data via patients in countries beyond the US once the

drug can be on the market

Research with site in ALL OF US only

Studies with area outside US

Attractiveness of offshoring

Index Criteria and Weighting

Sufferer Pool (30%)

пЃ® Size and availability of suitable affected person


Regulatory Conditions (20%)

Cost Productivity (20%)

пЃ® Cost performance of labor

пЃ® Cost efficiency of facilities and travel

Relevant Expertise (15%)

пЃ® Range of clinical research organizations

пЃ® Number of clinical trials

пЃ® Size and availability of labor force with

relevant abilities

пЃ® Fda visibility

пЃ® Country's regulatory laws

пЃ® Strength of intellectual safety


Facilities and Environment (15%)





Safety of intellectual property

Health-care infrastructure

Region infrastructure

Region risk elements

Ethical problems of offshoring Clinical


Medical ethics

Scientific values

Ethical business

• Non-reflex informed agreement

• Value of individuals

• Independent review

•The need for demanding tests prior to launching new


•Balance activities engaged in corporate sociable

responsibility with the pursuit of income

Corporate Durability at Novo


" Triple Bottom level Line”

Novo Nordisk's Location on Clinical


в– Clinical trials subsidized by Novo Nordisk will be conducted based on the Helsinki Statement and similar ethical guidelines (Nurnberg, Belmont, etc . )

в– Novo Nordisk can apply similar procedures exactly where we attract clinical trials. This means that all topics enrolled in Novo Nordisk trials are shielded by the same rights, high ethical specifications and regulations irrespective of location of the study.

Novo Nordisk's Placement on Medical


в– Novo Nordisk will not execute clinical trials intended for drug development in countries where we do not intend to market the investigational drug. в– No trial activity in Novo Nordisk-sponsored trials will begin before endorsement is obtained from external neighborhood ethics committees and well being


в– Products utilized in Novo Nordisk-sponsored clinical trials will be manufactured and controlled in respect to international and local polices and regulations. Novo Nordisk will conduct frequent site monitoring to make certain the study can be executed in line with the study protocol.



Ethical Problems in Just offshore Clinical Trials



What are the Main Moral Challenges of Offshoring



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