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a few Paragraph Dissertation


Part I: Splitting up

1 . )Call to Experience

·Odysseus must go to Troy to fight in the Trojan viruses War

2 . )Refusal from the Call

·At first he refuses and states that he IS Never going to war.

several. )Answering the Call

·Athena explains to Odysseus that he is going fight. And so he finally decided having been going to. ·He packed up weapons/food make together a crew make sail intended for Troy.

some. )Supernatural Aid/Guide

·Athena, during, The Journey, aids him in his just about every need.

5. )Companions

·Athena (Godley aid)

·Penelope (Odys' wife)

·Telemachus (Odys' son)

6. )Crossing the Tolerance

·When Ody Leaves for the Trojan's War.

several. )Threshold Guardians

Poseidon`s List


eight. )Entering the belly from the whale

Odysseus is the single survivor of any shipwreck and ends in Calypso's island.

Part 2: Initiation

1 . )Road of Trials

1 . Cicones (six men dropped from each ship

2 . Lotus-eaters (must by power drag the intoxicated males back to boats) 3. Cyclops (loses 6th men - puts out Polyphemus's eye - taunts the blinded Cyclops) 4. Aeolus (gives sack of wind gusts to Odysseus)

Aeolus two (pronounces curse on Odysseus after winds let out) 5. Laestrygonians (loses almost all ships yet his own)

6. Circe (men considered pigs - moly allows him get away her problem - one year in Circe's home) six. House [Kingdom] of the Lifeless (sees Tiresias and Achilles his mother [Anticleia], Agamemnon, et al. ) A. Circe 2

almost eight. Sirens (Odysseus listens! )

9. Scylla and Charybdis (loses half a dozen men to Scylla)

10. Cattle from the Sun (loses the rest of his men)

11. Calypso's Isle

installment payments on your )Meeting with all the Goddess



a few. )Abduction/Night Ocean Journey

becoming Captured by Calypso

The trip to Hades

4. )Dragon Battle

Representing the many difficulties Ody must overcome in the journey home. 5. )Companions

In order for Ody to be transformed, he must give up his outdated life. 6th. ) Atonement to/Recognition with the father

The end of Odys journey and is also the walking stone...


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