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I. Overview

In Ayala Museum in Makati there may be found the Gold of Ancestors. You will discover 1000 rare metal artifacts that was seen in 10th 100 years, 100 years has passed. Some of the gold displayed had been necklaces, anklet bracelets, belt, figures, and mythological characters. 22-24 karat rare metal that the Ayala Museum possess. Our forefathers used gold in their each day living. It is part of Filipino lives coming from birth to death. They also used Death Mask Rare metal for burying. The Philippines was considerable of precious metal before. They make things by simply gold and be it in to another shape with the use of outdated equipments. Filipinos used to wear gold from go to toe and you could identify all their social strata according as to what they used.

Much platinum are mineral deposits. Some of the platinum in Art gallery was dug and found by an ordinary person. He is Berto Morales, a farmer who also discovered the treasure old golden jewelries in San Miguel, Surigao Del En allant sur in 1981, 30 years in the past.

II. Judgment

It's great to know that you have many rare metal artifacts seen in our nation and it will help a lot for our country's pride. I find myself overwhelming for our ancestors and forefathers for being ingenious and for the museums within our country to hold on to and qualified our country's prosperity. Whatever we have inside our country cannot be paid of millions of dollars since what we possess today and what we had before will almost always be remarkable to our mind and our hearts.

III. Recommendation

Filipino people must love on whatever we have within our country specifically on what our ancestor's heritage. For our region to get better, Filipinos must be even more responsible, more resourceful and more appreciative.


My spouse and i. Summary

The Golden Defecto or also called as as The Agusan Gold Image was accidentally located by a lady Manobo in July in Wawa riv, Agusan Del Sur. The Golden Lacra is a word of Sanskrit which means a Goddess in Valjryana Yoga. It is a sound gold sculpture of Hindu-Malayan goddess while using weight of 4 lbs with the tall of 5-inch. It has twenty one karat precious metal.

The Agusan Coconut Business kept the Golden Lacra in 1918. Dr . They would. Otley Beyer, Father of Philippine Anthropology and Mid-foot, convinced the government of the Thailand to buy the Golden Tara for the National Art gallery. In 1920, the Glowing Tara was sold to People in the usa in the volume of four, 000 pesos. In 1922, the Glowing Tara was brought to the Field Art gallery of All-natural History in Chicago, UNITED STATES that was built about 1893. That they displayed twenty one collections of artifacts and fossils installed from distinct countries in the world including the Fantastic Tara or perhaps Agusan Gold Image. There are 10, 1000 artifacts helped bring from the Philippines 100 years in the past that were hidden in their museum.

In Butuan, Agusan Delete Norte you will see an image of Golden Tara that has a high of 3 ft that was acquired by Americans in 1922 bought by the wife of Texas chief General Leonard Wood. There have been reflections of Golden Lacra displayed in their souvenir retailers in Butuan.

2. Opinion

The Golden Lacra should be inside the Philippines. Only when our additional ancestors cared and offered appreciation towards the Golden Lacra, it may not be...


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