Janet Echelman: Taking Imagination Seriously

Darrell Jones

PHL 458

Gordon Hurley

12 , 17, 2014

Janet Echelman, an musician whose profession was influenced by creativity, begins her monologue in February of 2011 extended range Beach, Cal. She started out by stating to take thoughts seriously. Your woman gives an introduction to her skill life and exactly how it started years ago. She mentions her downfalls and how she applied to seven art schools content college and was refused by each and every last one of them. She also states how the girl was a great unlikely person to follow what the lady had in her existence. She described how the lady never analyzed architecture, engineering, nor figurine. She started out her art journey onto her own, portrait for a decade before she was presented a chance to additional her voyage in India. She had committed to offering exhibitions once there. She sent her materials and designed to meet all of them there. Once she appeared, her material didn't before the deadline of her initial exhibition. The lady had to figure out an alternative plan. She is at a fishing town that was famous for figurine. She wandered on the seashore and seen the mounds of fishing net the lady had noticed the angler working with previous to that day. At that point her imagination began to work in a new way. She learned a new art that would operate perfectly with what she planned to portray. Ways to sculpt geometric form with lightweight and inexpensive material. The lady made her first task with the angler and named it " Wide Hips". The nets were raised on poles in the sky while winds tided through the material shifting the patterns. Your woman next journeyed to make the mesh objects greater. Janet later returned to India to do business with the angler producing a net with a million and a half hand knit knots. The net was installed in Madrid, in which an urbanist noticed her work. He offered her a chance to display her work in a permanent placement in Banchina, Portugal. Your woman searched for a fiber that might...


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