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up to 29 November 2011

Advertising and promotion

I discovered an Ralph Lauren dark-colored label ad on the GQ magazine from the October concern, my understanding of this picture is that Rob Lauren who have also is the retailer desires to focus on their very own custom made leather-based jacket. The diversification Black Label is one among Ralph Laurens custom made lines along with purple packaging. This ad feels good and appealing regardless if it is very basic, Ralph Lauren black label always use the[desktop] and the same layout because of their ads. Ralph Lauren is well know for not just selling garments but the lifestyle and that is is exactly what this image shows, a confident dude wearing this phenomenal leather coat with some dress pants. The ad is made for the fall season collection, which usually matches with all the colors in the garments.

As I simply mentioned this kind of layout design and style is very normal for Rob Lauren Dark-colored Label, I had some study and all how back in 2007 when this line started out they have been using the exact same style (Nacho Figureas) and structure. I think this layout performs very well for Ralph Lauren since they show their company image and the ones who will be loyal to the brand enjoy it, including me personally. This structure also displays the garments very well and you do not get disturbed by simply props or other things that might be on an advertising. I feel that it really is good the garments are available in first place, the headline which can be the official typeface for Rob Lauren comes in second considering that the model stands in front of the subject but just enough so the customers can read and understand that it is Ralph Lauren. All this elements mixed jointly enhance to maximize the profits and invites customer to visit their very own store to view what more Ralph Lauren has to offer form that collection.

I avoid feel that there is certainly any co-op dollars in this ad, Ralph Lauren is a big and world known brand that they pay for almost all their advertising. We would change much in this ad since I feel it would crash their whole idea regarding the...


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