For organic guavaN1V1 = N2V2

N1 by 10 = (1/10) x132

1/10 x Normality of oxalate = (


/100) = strength of oxalate in freshguava extract sama dengan normality back button Eq. mass of oxalate ion= 1 ) 32/100 times 44g/litre of diluted extract= 0. about 580 g L -1


For partial ripened grape (1 day time old). Strength of oxalate in one day old grape extract= (1. 37 /100) x 44g/litre of diluted extract= zero. 603 g L -1


Intended for ripened guavaStrength of oxalate in new guava extract= ( 1 . 39/100) times 44g/litre of diluted extract=0. 612g T -1


The normality of oxalate ions of;

(i) Clean guava option is = 1 . thirty-two ml(ii) Semi-ripen guava answer is = 1 . thirty seven ml(iii) Ripened guava solution is sama dengan 1 . 39 ml (b)

The strength of oxalate ions of;


Fresh guava option is = 0. 54.99 ml(ii)

Semi-ripened guava is = zero. 60 ml(iii)

Ripened grape is sama dengan 0. sixty one ml

This content of oxalate ions in guava was found to become 59. 67 per cent, which will isclose to the literature value of 62 percent. It was also pointed out that the content of oxalic ions grows with ripening of guava. 1 )

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There should be no parallax while taking measurements.

Spillage of chemical substances should be checked.

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