Our mission is to enrich the community by changing the lives of others a single heart at any given time. ​

We will make this happen by teaching our citizens to live a great alcohol and drug free life while aiding them develop their talents through educational and business rehab. ​

Implementing programs such as GED classes, funds management abilities and transact programs such as electrical, domestic plumbing, HVAC classes and more will help us for doing that goal. �

Programs Offered

Ongoing Education

​Our Continued Education Program gives veterans while using opportunity to further their education. Tutoring exists as necessary.

Vocational Training

Our objective is to enhance the lives of veterans, by providing the opportunity and resources, so they can learn or perhaps enhance their expertise in a transact. Courses just like HVAC, Power Engineering, Welded and more are available.

Monetary Assistance

Financial Assistance and Money Managing services are offered for all residents of Big Momma's House. Each adult resident will be supplied a personal appointment for this: -Debt Administration, Credit Analysis and more!


Big Momma's House supplies transitional enclosure for destitute veterans. **Housing is available for each evaluation basis.  **

Mental Health Rehabilitation

In order to function in brilliance and provide sufficient service to the veterans of your community, our company is providing the following Rehabilitation providers to our homeowner veterans 2. Post Traumatic Stress Affliction

* Unemployment

* Physical Therapy

* Economical Literacy

PERIOD 1: Safeguarded a housing facility

Strategies for the area:

1 – 4 Women's Shelter and Showers

a few – 8 (Workshops to get Women)

* Monetary Management

* Day care

5. Continued Education

* Man Services

Media Center: Mens Shelter and Showers

9 -10 (Workshops pertaining to Men)

* Financial Management

* Child Care

* Continued Education

* Human being...


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Personal and Professional Advancement Essay