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BBA 201

1 Go over the primary info collection techniques in detail.

Definition of Primary info.

Primary info collection tactics

2 a. Explain the various types of research designs.

b. Differentiate between Possibility and Non-probability sampling strategies. Meaning of research design and style

Types of research designs

Meaning of Probability and Non-probability sampling methods


3 Quite task ahead of the researcher is usually to document the complete work done in the form of a well structured research statement. Explain the report producing steps. What are the guidelines pertaining to writing your research report? That means of a Study Report

Report writing methods

Guidelines intended for writing the investigation Report


1 Precisely what is business technique? Explain the need for business strategy. Meaning of business strategy

Explanation in the need for business strategy

two Define proper management. Precisely what are the causes to get failure of Strategic Managing? Definition of Proper Management

Triggers for failing of Ideal Management

3 Write a short note around the following:

a) Core expertise and their importance

b) Proper leadership.

A a) Core competencies and the importance

b) Strategic leadership.


1 ) Journalize the subsequent transactions inside the books of Balu. 2004 Rs.

By. 1 Started business with 25, 500

Jan. two Goods bought for money 15, 000

Jan. three or more Paid freight 500

January. 7 Goods sold to Raj Kumar in credit a few, 000

January. 8 Covered stationery 2, 000

Jan. 10 Purchased Rent you, 000

January. 13 Cash received from Mohan Das 15, four hundred

Allowed him discount six hundred

Jan. 12-15 Paid High quality 4, 500

Jan. 20 Paid to postage you, 000

By. 25 Covered salaries 500

Jan. 40 Commission received 1, 000

Preparation of all the journal entries with the correct amount-8...


final job eth a hundred and twenty-five Essay

The Immoralist Essay