Section 5

Technology: Cultural advice about the ways in which the fabric resources from the environment are often used to satisfy man needs and desires. Position: A expression used by sociologists to refer to any of the full selection of socially identified positions within a large group or culture. Social structure: The way in which a society can be organized in predictable interactions. Out-group: An organization or category to which people feel they just do not belong. Role exit: The process of disengagement coming from a role that is certainly central to one's self-identity in order to establish a new role and identification. Role turmoil: The situation that happens when incompatible expectations arise by two or more sociable positions kept by the same person. Cultural role: A set of expectations for individuals that occupy a given social placement or status. Social network: A number of social interactions that links a person directly to other folks, and through them not directly to nonetheless more people. Achieved position:

Master position: A status that dominates others and thus determines an individual's general position in society. In-group: Any group or category that people think that they are supposed to be. Industrial culture: A contemporary society that depends upon mechanization to make its services and goods. Group: Numerous people with similar norms, ideals, and targets who connect to one another frequently. Formal corporation: A group suitable for a special purpose and organized for maximum efficiency. Time-honored theory: An approach to the study of formal organizations that view personnel as being enthusiastic almost entirely by financial rewards. Paperwork: A component of formal organization that uses rules and hierarchical rank to achieve performance. Ascribed status: A interpersonal position designated to a person by contemporary society without regard for the individual's unique skills or features. Hunting-and-gathering contemporary society: A preindustrial society through which people depend on whatever foods and fibres are readily available in...


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