Our subject matter, teenage pregnant state, will be assessed by applying the theory of conflict. The theory of conflict may be the level of target popularly known as macro. Macro is the method to the sociable conflict theory on a greater scale. The assumption the fact that conflict theory abides by looking at world is that culture is composed of inconsistant interests. The actual dynamics of teenage pregnant state will address who or what are the conflicting passions. Some of these main conflicts are family values versus actuality, peer pressure, and the not enough sex education. In some cases, an individual wins and in others, someone loses. Girls tend to spend a higher price the moment becoming pregnant at a young grow older.

Key worries:

What are the sources of issue within the issue of young pregnancy?

Family members beliefs or reality

Peer Pressure

Deficiency of education

Just how can these inequalities be defeat?

EX: Sexism – Ladies are more vulnerable to the consequences than men happen to be. What could be performed to overcome the inequalities that women confront with adolescent pregnancy versus men?

Better sex education in schools and courses based to educate parents in order to communicate for their children about safe sex.

Teaching children to have good morals and values.

Instructing children on STD's and STI's.

Drive the federal government to finance programs that might encourage the use of birth control.

Guys should be educated that sexually demoralizing girls is not just a sign of masculinity or perhaps admirable patterns. (Taught by parents, quite possibly taught in sex ed class? )


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