This can be described as story by simply Bob Thurber, an American writer.

The text under evaluation is a brief story, a true-life boy's story. The overall atmosphere of the text is usually ironical and moralizing. The title of the text message is " The Crickinfo War” judging by it we could guess that the situation is about insects and the deal with against these people. The story identifies the events taking place in one friends and family. They hit with the attack of crickets and started an unequal battle with these people. The more people tried to remove the crickets, the more insects they present in their house. Finally, the father chosen to burn the junk in the cellar, convinced that crickets live exactly right now there. And that led to a tragic outcome from the story. Wind lifted a lot of embers on the solid wood pile in which gasoline is at the yard mowers gas tank. The explosion took place and the entire home, with den insects, used up down completely. In my opinion, the moral of the story is that sometimes some thing does not happen the way we wish and that we should appreciate whatever we have. Compositionally the text falls into several logical parts: exposition, narration of events and the ending. The climax lies in the in the moment, the moment father told that all ‘was the end', but his son thought that all he must have said ‘This is beginning'. The ending is as most family lost their home in a fire, and crickets continuing to chirr loudly. Mcdougal employs a whole lot of expressive means and stylistic products such as epithets: ‘noisy cockroach', ‘dumb sexual bug'; duplication ‘This is the beginning, The beginning of our battle, the beginning of each of our destruction. '. On the whole the text is full of stylistic gadgets; they are utilized to reveal the character's internal world and feelings in addition to the author's treatment of the situation generally speaking or his irony for the characters.


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