THE FIVE-FACTOR TYPE OF PERSONALITY Kayla Farwell School of Lake County


THE FIVE-FACTOR MODEL OF PERSONALITY In phase 10 in the textbook " Experience Psychology” by Laura A. King, it talks about The Five-Factor Model of Character. The publication defines this kind of as the next: " The five super-traits that are thought to describe the primary dimension of personality: neuroticism (emotional instability), extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. Researchers in personal mindset describe these types of as the five wide personal proportions that symbolize the all-natural language and the most accurately identify the different ways in which psychologists study traits (352). The supertraits – Visibility, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism could be made into the anagram SEA. Each supertrait of WATER besets more narrow traits and qualities (353). For instance , openness explains an individual as imaginative or practical, enthusiastic about variety or routine, and independent or conforming. A person which has a Conscientiousness supertrait is prepared or disorganized, careful or perhaps careless and disciplined or perhaps impulsive. In case your supertrait can be Extraversion, you are both sociable or not, fun-loving or not and affectionate or set aside. When your supertrait is Agreeableness you can be softhearted or serious, trusting or perhaps suspicious and helpful or uncooperative. Neuroticism is somebody who is quiet or stressed, secure or perhaps insecure, and self-satisfied or self-pitying. These are all the traits that illustrate each of the big five factors of personality. As you observe, each is a range between two extremes. You have to note that...

References: King, L. A, (2010). Experience Mindset. New York: McGraw Hill.


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