Total Quality Management (TQM) has a lot of practices that have been developed as time goes by. One of these techniques is the benchmarking. A lot of companies used this practice to survive on the market. Benchmarking is known as a practice wherein the company analyzes their own products and processes resistant to the very best in the world. They examine available item features, techniques, and services and with them as a common for increasing a company's own products, processes, and providers.

One example from the company who may be using this practice is the Photocopied Company. This kind of led these to the constant improvement and development. It is the practice which helps the business to be on the market and still surviving despite of your competition and the additional changes in its environment.

Back in the 1970's, Photocopied turned to benchmarking when it found that overseas competition may sell it is equivalent transcrire at a price equal to Xerox's manufacturing expense. To find a benchmark, Xerox employed its Japan affiliate, Fuji Xerox, as a window in to the competition. By observing the efficient processes of picked competitors, Xerox was able to improve its own operations without limiting service or perhaps quality. For example, Xerox located that it may cut the number of steps in saving and handling material via four to 2, saving money and time.

Although Xerox managers appeared to the competition in the early days of their benchmarking efforts, they have focused their very own more recent benchmarking efforts in firms beyond the industry. The main reason?

Managers believe they find their very own most innovative ideas studying relatively unrelated firms. In addition , in the event that attention is targeted only around the competition, " playing catch-up is the best you can apply, ” in respect to Robert C. Camp, manager of benchmarking, expertise, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Pertaining to ideas approach improve their techniques for stuffing customer orders, Xerox looked to L. D. Bean inside the early 1980's. Like Xerox, the Freeport,...


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