GCE N1995

The Singapore economy grew by simply 9. 2% per annum in the third one fourth of 1993, inflation was 2 . 4% per annum and 19000 careers were created. (Straits Moments, 13 Nov 93)

How long can this information lead you to deduce that there is a rising quality lifestyle in Singapore? [25]

Learning End result


Learning Outcome



Interpret record data


Review the limitations of using the indicators to evaluate economic overall performance as well as standard of living of an economic climate √

Examination of Query (to be achieved in 1-2 minutes)

The Singapore overall economy grew simply by 9. 2% per annum in the third 1 / 4 of 93, inflation was 2 . 4% per annum and 19000 jobs were produced. (Straits Instances, 13 Nov 93)

How long can this information lead you to conclude that there is a rising lifestyle in Singapore? [25] Interpretation the Question

Precisely what is the "cue" words?

(What are the abilities required for this kind of question? )

How far

To assess the degree to which the declaration is true. To supply thesis and anti-thesis and make a stand Precisely what is the concept words?

(What are the concepts required to answer this question? )

Standard of living

What is the framework words?

(What is the context for this problem? )

These details, rising quality lifestyle, Singapore

Issue requirements:

Application and evaluation question

Individuals are required to illustrate understanding of SOL by applying the info given to assess the change in standard of SOL in Singapore. Fortunately they are required to discover limitations of data given in evaluating nonmaterial facet of SOL and suggest likely indicators to realise a more thorough measurement of SOL in Singapore.

Schematic Plan (to be done in 2-3 minutes)

Thinking Process

Introduction (GIST)

Define ENCANTO, provide an summary of the composition

Provide the thesis – Display how the info given support a rising SOL

Analyse how economic growth may translate to rising SOL

Analyse what sort of low pumpiing rate is necessary for elevating SOL


Examine how the creation of even more jobs can lead to a growing SOL

Provide the anti-thesis – why the non-material TERRAIN should be analyzed and review how tension level can impact non-material TERRAIN

Analyse how income disparity may affect the SOL of Singaporean despite evidence of economic development

Analyse just how negative externalities can affect the non-material ENCANTO

Reiterate the stand and conclude

General Statement (Key idea)

Meaning (Definitions, clarify concepts as well as question)

Range (Set up directions to get the answer)

sTand (State the stand)

Standard of living (SOL) can be described as measure of the welfare of a populace. It can be comprised of material aspects including quantity of services and goods consumed and nonmaterial elements such as amount of spare time and access to necessities of life. To ascertain whether the lifestyle in Singapore has been rising over the years, it is necessary to examine within both the material and nonmaterial aspects. As the information succumbed the preamble seems to recommend an improvement inside the material factor, there is a insufficient information to prove that we have a corresponding improvement in the nonmaterial aspect. non-etheless, given good data inside the preamble and taking into account the government's frequent effort to improve the non-material aspect, such as pollution level, we can fairly conclude the fact that standard of living in Singapore continues to be increasing to a large extent.

Body (PEEL)

REMOVE – you

State the idea (P)

As stated in the preamble, the Singapore economy grew by 9. 2% inside the third one fourth, this is very likely to...


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