Jian He

Doctor Clare Connors


12 August 2014

A female like Me

" A woman like me” written by Xi Xi, narrates a woman can be powerless to resist Fate of being forgotten by her loved one because of her uncommon occupation, a cosmetician who makes up the faces intended for the departed. The topic sentence in your essay " Women like me is usually unsuitable for virtually any man's love” (Xi 152) shows the woman feeling of sadness and confusion. Also, this depicts a significant social issue that folks possess prejudice against such vocations. Xi Xi writes this short tale from a primary person viewpoint to make reader obtain a better understanding of the main character's mental method and emotions. The woman inside the story relies upon their self to get through existence and gets the courage to resist Fate. A woman like her really should have gained respect from the contemporary society. However , people find very hard to accept her occupation. Her friends drifted away from her and ditch her in loneliness. She are unable to understand peoples' dislike and fear of her profession to start with. After all, it is a job that someone needs to do (Xi 159). Nevertheless gradually she accepts the specific situation and gets used to be lonely. The only friend of her turns into the sleeping one. Moreover, a woman like her needs only a roof more than her head and three square foods a day(Xi 160). Your woman only really wants to lead a common life with her family member. However , males everywhere just like women who act on jobs that are intimate, stylish and elegant (Xi 161) and in addition they lack courage to appreciate. Therefore , after seeing Aunt Yifen's workplace, Cousin Yifen's boyfriend is amazed and leaves her inspite of all the vows he usually takes, so can Xia. In conclusion, the sufferings of women like me and Aunt Yifen make reader experience sympathy and respectful for these people. Xi Xi writes this story to call for the general public attention to such special jobs. A woman like her deserves the value from contemporary society and the take pleasure in from people.

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